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FaultSeg3D: Fast and accurate 3D fault delineation
Problem statementAccurate 3D mapping of faults from seismic images is essential for seismic structural interpretation, reservoir characterization and well placement. Current methods for fault delineation depend on calculating attributes that estimate seismic reflection continuities and discontinuities. These methods are slow and can take days to process....
Published: 2/1/2021   |   Inventor(s): Sergey Fomel, Yunzhi Shi, Xinming Wu
Keywords(s): Artificial intelligence (AI), Drilling, Machine learning, Oil & gas upstream, Petrophysics, Unconventional reservoirs
Category(s): Computer software > Energy software > Oil & gas software
Automated real-time optimization of formation fluid sampling using artificial intelligence
BackgroundFor capital-intensive exploration and production projects, understanding the chemical and physical properties, phase behavior, compatibility, spatial distribution, and hydraulic connectivity of reservoir fluids is critical for long-term planning and operation. Often, reservoir fluid samples acquired via formation testing represent the only...
Published: 1/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Carlos Torres-Verdin, Colin Schroeder, Camilo Gelvez
Keywords(s): Artificial intelligence (AI), Drilling, Fracking, Oil & gas upstream, Petrophysics, Reservoir mapping
Category(s): Physical sciences > Energy > Oil & gas > Upstream oil & gas
Accurate 3D reconstruction of oil reservoirs based on rock classification
Problem statement3D description of a hydrocarbon reservoir and its petrophysical and fluid properties is required for optimal, cost-effective administration of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Conventional methods for reservoir characterization are based on 3D continuous discretization of the subsurface hydrocarbon reservoir into volume pixels of various shapes....
Published: 1/6/2021   |   Inventor(s): Carlos Torres-Verdin, Zoya Heidari
Keywords(s): Enhanced oil recovery (EOR), Oil & gas upstream, Petrophysics
Category(s): Physical sciences > Energy > Oil & gas > Upstream oil & gas
A robust tool for full in-situ rock characterization
Problem statement Pore-throat-size distribution is one of the most basic properties of porous media, which controls fluid flow and many physical properties of reservoir rocks (Fig. 1). Accurate, real-time, safe, and in-situ assessment of this property, however, has always been a challenge for the petroleum industry. Reliable assessment of this property...
Published: 1/13/2021   |   Inventor(s): Zoya Heidari, Artur Garcia, Yifu Han
Keywords(s): NMR, Oil & gas upstream, Petrophysics, Rock characterization
Category(s): Physical sciences > Energy > Oil & gas > Rock characterization